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Steam stoomt ons klaar voor update Team Fortress 2

Nieuws | 29 februari 2008 - Goed nieuws voor iedereen die in bezit is van de PC-versie van Valve's Team Fortress 2. Steam heeft namelijk aangekondigd dat er een nieuwe update is. Deze wordt geďnstalleerd, zodra je je Steam account herstart.

Deze update bevat nieuwigheden voor de Tournament mode, als ook een betere balancering van de karakters die aanwezig zijn in de demo: de demo-man en de soldier.

Hier beneden kun je zien wat de update van Team Fortress 2 nog meer behelst. Dus download 'm en doe er je voordeel mee.

* Added "Custom" tab to the server browser
o Servers can now specify metatags describing the custom rules they've adopted
o Players can use tag filtering to find servers running the custom rules they want to play
o * Added options for servers who want to become custom games: Disable critical hits (tf_weapon_criticals), eliminate respawn times (mp_disable_respawn_times), and raise maxplayers above 24

* Initial release of Tournament mode (mp_tournament)
o UI for handling team naming, ready mode, and win results
o Disables team player limits, autobalancing, and intermission

* Class balancing
o Reduced Soldier's maximum rocket reserve ammo from 36 to 16
o Reduced Demoman's maximum sticky bomb reserve ammo from 30 to 16
o Reduced Demoman's maximum grenade launcher reserve ammo from 40 to 24

* General
o Added protection against voice command spamming. Dramatic reduction in teleporters needed
o Fixed mp_timelimit ending the map during the middle of a round on maps like Dustbowl and GravelPit
o Fixed "lastdisguise" command not remembering if you were disguised as your own team
o Added "Toggle Disguise Team" binding in Options->Keyboard to toggle the disguise team for the Spy's PDA
o Changed PDA menus to accept keys bound to "slot1", "slot2", etc., and "slot10" cancels
o Fixed Spectator targetID not using team colors
o Changed team autobalance code to not balance the teams when the active round timer shows less than 60 seconds
o Fixed "-maxplayers" on the command line not correctly setting the maxplayers value for the server
o Fixed Badlands never having Sudden Death triggered
o Fixed Engineer being able to detonate buildings that are being sapped
o Changed Engineer buildings to detonate when a player disconnects instead of blinking out
o Fixed potential client crash for players being healed by a Medic or dispenser
o Made several improvements to server-side stat reporting (not related to individual player stats)


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